Global Location Trends Report - 2012

IDA Ireland today welcomed the results of the IBM 2012 Global Location Trends Report which ranks Ireland:

  •  First in the world for inward investment by quality and value
  •  First in Europe for jobs created in Research and Development
  •  First in Europe for investment in the Pharmaceutical sector
  •  Second in Europe and fourth globally for the number of investment jobs per capita.

The IBM 2012 Global Location Trends Report analyses the latest trends for companies locating operations overseas and what drives these decisions. The data is derived from IBM's Global Investment Locations Database (GILD) which tracks announcements by companies on their location decisions throughout the year.

Welcoming the report Barry O’Leary, CEO of IDA Ireland said, ‘Ireland is competing globally to win new FDI business. Ireland’s ranking as a leading destination for inward investment highlights our attractiveness for companies considering a location for their FDI operations. This survey reminds us of the international nature of FDI – we must do everything we can to maintain and improve Ireland’s position in these FDI rankings.

Ireland is recognised globally as a hub for both the pharmaceutical sector and for research and development activities - this is reflected in our lead rankings for jobs and investment in these areas. These two strong areas for Ireland are also complemented by other clusters present in the country including social media, medical technology and ICT.’

Global Location Trends - 2012
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