Candidate Charter

Our candidate charter outlines what professional standards you can expect as a candidate, when you work with a DHRP Recruitment Partner. Our aim is to help you successfully achieve your career aspirations by taking the time to understand exactly what your employment objectives are and then researching and selecting the best employment solution. DHRP will assign you a dedicated Recruitment Partner with detailed knowledge of your industry working proactively on your behalf.

In order to make an informed decision, you need to know as much as possible about a position and the client organisation. Although it can take time to effectively complete professional recruitment your Recruitment Partner will endeavour to keep you fully informed through each step of the process.

We understand that with your current work and personal commitments it can be difficult to make interviews. At DHRP we will respect your time restrictions and your responsibilities to your current employer. We will work to accomodate your schedule. We are happy to arrange calls & meetings outside of office hours.

Your Recruitment Partner will all times, offer an honest and straightforward appraisal of where you stand in regards to a specific job opportunity and will endeavour to give as complete and detailed interview feedback as possible.

Your Recruitment Partner will act as an intermediary in the negotiation of your salary and benefits. It is our job to affect a positive negotiation that puts you and your career objectives first. This will allow you time to calmly and objectively consider an offer and renegotiate if necessary.

If you feel that any aspects of this charter are not fully adhered to please contact a Director of Dylan Hannah Recruitment Partners to discuss and design a new charter that will work for you.

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