Overview of Recruitment

At DHRP we have put in place the support & structures to ensure your success as a Recruitment Partner. You will decide the level of success in a performance role that rewards drive and commitment without limitations.

This is an opportunity where you will get out as much as you put in and where you have direct influence over your career progression.

In recruitment you will have standards to uphold, targets to exceed and key performance indicators to manage. At DHRP we offer autonomy to each individual Recruitment Partner to manage their own time and revenue generation with the genuine support of Managers & Directors.

Managing a progressive and ultimately successful recruitment practice can be demanding. Therefore we work with exceptionally talented individuals that enjoy the sense of achievement offered by a challenging career.

Currently, the professional recruitment market poses a whole new set of challenges for Recruitment Partners. Offers of employment are declined at the last minute, clients may decide not to recruit or postpone recruitment. Business Development needs to offer a whole new value proposition; you will rarely achieve complete success in all your attempt to develop business. How resilient are you? Can you innovate? Do you see solutions or do you get caught up in the obstacles?

At DHRP we will support you in ensuring that you apply your partnering to market opportunities that are current, consistent and above all rewarding.

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