DHRP Recruitment Cycle

The recruitment cycle at DHRP is a dynamic and evolving process.  At all stages throughout the process, it is your responsibility as a Recruitment Partner to control the process for your clients and candidates, gather information and feed this back to both sides, with the ultimate aim of matching very best available talent with the right opportunities.

There are multiple steps in the DHRP Recruitment process. A few are outlined below:

  • Business Development - Building Relationships with Clients to Understand their Unique Needs and Requirements
  • On-site Client Meetings - to Design Recruitment Solutions for specific jobs or more comprehensive programmes of recruitment
  • Candidate Sourcing - Database Search, Advertising, Networking, Referrals and Headhunting
  • Candidate Qualification - References, Confirming Qualifications and Background Checks as Required
  • Candidate Interviews - to Establish Skill-sets, Ability, Motivations and Suitability
  • Search & Selection - and Presentation of Suitable Candidates to Client
  • Interviews - Preparation for both Candidate and Client
  • Client interviews
  • Offer Management - including Negotiation of Remuneration, Benefits and Terms of Employment
  • Advise on Resignation and Notice Period Management
  • Aftercare - Candidate & Client
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