Candidate Commitment

At Dylan Hannah Recruitment Partners our partnership commitment is built around you, the candidate. Without you, our business has no purpose. In the spirit of this partnership, we make the following commitment to all our candidates.

Our Part

  1. We will at all times represent you with the highest professional integrity

  2. We want you to decide what opportunities you wish to have your CV sent to

  3. We will always offer the benefit of our experience in recruiting professionals in your sector

  4. We conduct the initial interview in all recruitment we do, ensuring the best preparation and progress in any process

  5. We will at all times work to obtain the best remuneration and benefits package available to you for each position

  6. We will offer you:

  • expert CV appraisal & advise
  • interview coaching & assessment
  • comprehensive interview preparation
  • post interview appraisal and feedback

Your Part

  1. We listen. Be honest and upfront about your expectations

  2. If a position is not for you – tell us why and we will continue to work to find the right opportunity for you

  3. If your situation changes – keep us informed so that we can continue to represent you in the most professional manner


If you feel we have failed in our commitment to you, please contact a Director at Dylan Hannah Recruitment Partners so that we can discuss how best to represent you going forward. 

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